Thursday, August 29, 2013

Break Through Your Doubts During Telemarketing

Break Through Your Doubts During Telemarketing

Telemarketing can be a very intimidating career, one where only the most determined and creative enough will be able to survive.

It is only natural that you feel fear in doing it, especially if this is your first time. But really, in order to generate B2B leads for your business, you really have to do this. Still, the fear of doing this could cripple you tremendously. You have to get some way to deal with it, you know. To tell you the truth, there are many ways to approach this.

The best, and perhaps the most effective, in helping you become a more effective lead generation representative, are the following:
  1. Make no excuses

    When given
    B2B appointment setting task, never give excuses not to do it.

    You want to generate
    sales leads, right? So when the opportunity knocks, you should make it a point to actually do it. Think of this as something you want so badly, so desperately. With that kind of thinking, you would naturally do things that others will not do. You will seek ways to achieve your goals. All you need, in this junction, is to get rid of the excuses not to do it.

  2. Face your fear

    Fear will always be part of your work.

    Fear of rejections, fear of poor sales, fear of the unknown, etc. To tell you the truth, the list of fears simply will not end. So, will you still cower in front of it? You had better not. What separates successful
    B2B telemarketers from the others is their willingness to experience the fear, but still push through with their plans. This is the only way for them to succeed. If you fail, then take it as a learning opportunity.

  3. Go beyond your comfort zone

    Do you know what makes for a successful marketer? It is being stretched beyond their limits.

    Most people avoid discomforts. It never sat well for them, but if you really want to go further in your business, if you truly want to be the best in your industry, then you should make it a point to push yourself further. Even if it is just for a short time, this can mean a big deal in improving your chances in the market, and generate more
    sales leads.

  4. Be decisive

    When it comes to getting something, you cannot just wish for it. You have to take action.

    To take action over something, you have to take responsibility for it. You have to acknowledge that you, as the business owner or manager, are solely responsible for the success or failure of your marketing campaign. Keeping that in mind will help you stay focused in your work, as well as ensure that you are giving your all. You want to be successful, right?

Fear and self-doubt can be powerful drivers in pushing you down. But as long as you know how to deal with them, as long as you are ready to face them, then nothing is stopping you in your B2B lead generation campaign.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Is Your Company’s Facebook Page Dying of Loneliness? Maybe These Can Help

Is Your Company’s Facebook Page Dying of Loneliness? Maybe These Can Help

There can only be two possible explanations why your Facebook page is not on the social media map: one, the last time you updated it was before Obama became President; or two, you DO update it regularly, but only with pointless, sometimes ridiculous posts that couldn’t attract even the most bored soul on Earth.
You might have noticed that in both cases, it’s your fault.
You can’t blame people if they don’t feel like interacting on your Facebook page. You have to give them reasons to take notice, and doing so can require a little bit of your extra time. 
And perhaps some extra brain juice, too. Here’s how:
  • Do The Twist.  
    No, not the dance (although that would be fun). It means using an entirely different approach to how you post stuff, especially on status updates. Don’t bore them to death by posting only industry news or encyclopedia-ish entries. Ask specific questions, make them think and respond, and couple it with engaging photos or videos. That’s a start.
  • Timing is Everything
    Awesome posts can be put to waste if not posted at strategic times, which could have otherwise generated a lot of feedback. The perfect moment? Mornings and early evenings.
  • Talk “With” Them, Not “To” Them.  
    When you respond to comments, the worst thing you could do is put yourself on a pedestal and converse in an “authority” sort of way. Try commenting as if you didn’t own the post, and blend in with the perspective of others. It’s okay to let them be the experts every once in a while.
  • Gamble With Contests. 
    It’s a bit awkward to host contests when you only have a following of 20 people and half of them were totally unfelt in like a century. You have to establish a solid fan base first, and then expand it even more by monthly games and contests. And for once, make the prize a bit more attractive than a customized coffee mug.
  • Hashtags!  
    Facebook has just endowed you a convenient way to harness a certain group of people based on their interests. Private users don’t really get the point of hashtags, but marketers do. Exploit it.
  • Spread The Word. 
    If you’re doing a little better on Twitter or other social media sites, use it to help your Facebook page gain recognition. Synchronize tweets to your Wall and regularly provide your followers with links to your company page.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Three Ways To Waste Money In Your Lead Generation Campaign

Three Ways To Waste Money In Your Lead Generation Campaign

Well, if we think about generating qualified sales leads, you have to admit that organizing a lead generation campaign is the only way to go. If you want to be the best in your business, you have to employ the best marketing strategies and tools to maximize results.

The problem here, in case you have not noticed it yet, is that this is precisely the point where you can make a mistake.

Think about it, you want to use the most modern tools, or the latest marketing strategies in generating a lot of B2B leads. Surely, you will be spending money on this. How sure are you that you are going to get your money back?

This all comes down to choosing the right tools for the job. In other words, you would want to avoid the ones that will not work.

And frankly, there are three strategies that you can skip your spending on:

First of these would be brochures. 

Yes, we all get one of those whenever we go to business meetings, trade fairs, industry forums, and the like, but how often do we read these and get compelled to sign up to whatever product or offer they have? 

It may be safe to say that it would be a very rare episode indeed. Such is the way with your business as well. Honestly, printing brochures is not just a waste of your time; it also wastes your resources. Unless the sales leads prospects request it, or if your type of business demands that you present some, then you better stay put and stick to the ones that actually work.

This actually leads us to the second point.

We call it brand advertising. 

Now, we all know just how important a brand is in creating demand for the product or the like. 

This is basically the face of your offer. But, if all you do is advertise your brand (without actually promoting whatever product or service you have), then all that advertising effort will just go down the drain. Remember, for a business to succeed in their marketing and appointment setting efforts, you must have a product that delivers and a customer service that matters. 

If you want to improve your brand’s image, or to promote you brand better, then you had better work on your product or services being offered.

Thirdly, and perhaps the one most commonly overlooked, is the sales tools you use. 

All right, while the use of sales scripts, cue cards, prospective emails, etc. are all wonderful ways to attract an audience, putting these things in motion can create the most damage to your business

This is the problem faced by any marketer, be they in email, social media, and even in telemarketing. I mean, look at the logic here: if you have a swell marketing plan but a lackluster marketing performance, then you have nothing to gain.

It is that simple, and believe me, when I say that these are really big money wasters to avoid in your lead generation campaign, then by all means avoid them.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Outsourcing Business Development And Lead Generation Marketing Services

There are times that an entrepreneur should need to have somebody as partner for his business. It can be his spouse, his children or somebody that he trusts.

Now, how much more if a company in any industry is dealing with b2b or business to business transactions?

These kinds of transactions are big accounts that really need the full undivided attention of the provider for products and/or services that they are offering.  One wrong move or even just a moment of being ignored can make the client company jump ship to another provider. This is one of the challenges that most companies would experience, the fierce claw of competition. Without trying to do anything to add more customers and keep the existing ones from going out of their corral, their businesses will be in a compromising position. That’s why companies dealing in b2b transactions should also have an ally that can help them overcome competition and what they can do is try outsourcing business development and lead generation marketing services to a b2b sales lead generation company that can do different marketing methods including telemarketing services.

There are many kinds of marketing methods that a b2b lead generation company can offer to its clients that are trying to generate qualified leads such as business leads, sales leads or marketing leads or any kinds of leads that are appropriate to their client company.  One of the best ways to generate warm marketing leads is email marketing.  Through email, with the help of a sales lead generation company, they can be able to compose a kind of sales newsletter or a promotional message, perhaps, and send it to the recipients that can be plucked out from targeted call lists that are related to the nature of the business of a selling company. Once this message was received by the said recipients, the sales lead generation marketing company has a way to know which of these recipients have opened up the message, click links if there are any and/or download a free report, newsletter or discount coupon and leave their phone number and/or their email address.

If the recipient indicated his phone number, this is where telemarketing services or face-to-face appointment setting services will come into play. The telemarketers will be assigned to call up those recipients and let them know more about the company that offers these products and/or services by telling them how these items can help their companies in many various ways.  Through this, the telemarketers can qualify business leads and see if they really have the need, if they have the budget for it and they are willing to go for face-to-face appointments with the sales agents. If they are, these appointment setting specialists will advise sales agents about the appointments and they will meet with the decision maker and move in for the “kill”.

If a company will do all of these things alone, there will absolutely no business development and lead generation marketing services that will take place. But, if they try outsourcing to b2b telemarketing lead generation firms to do these marketing methods, then, for sure, not only they can earn big but they can also save big time.