Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Present Best For Lead Generation In Singapore

How To Present Best For Lead Generation In Singapore
When it comes to meetings with sales leads in Singapore, it is always best to have a winning presentation. No matter how good your lead generation campaign is, if you cannot present a convincing argument, you will be reducing the likelihood that they will sign up or buy from you. So how will you do it? How can you convert such B2B leads into an actual sale or closed deal? A little professional help from marketers is ideal (like those provided by telemarketing firms), but you need to keep in mind these three points:

For one, you need to tell a story. One way to really get into the hearts of your prospects while in an appointment setting campaign is to tell a story that they can relate to. Charts and numbers may be important, but so is the rapport that you need to build first through story telling.

Second, use images wisely. "A picture can paint a thousand words" is an ageless saying that rings true through all ages. For a marketer, it means using an image that improves the impact of your message. It is an ideal aid for your story telling.

Lastly, focus on substance, not on style. Sure, the delivery of your message should be flawless, but if all you have is the enthusiasm, you will not make a lasting impression on business prospects.

It is said that a business presentation is the acid test of the success of your lead generation campaign in Singapore. Do you have what it takes to succeed there?

Friday, November 2, 2012

How To Get Past Gate Keepers: A Singapore Challenge

How To Get Past Gate Keepers: A Singapore Challenge
 A gate keeper is certainly one stumbling block that has constantly rattled a lot of people involved in lead generation. To start with, how can they get in touch with prospects, turning them into qualified B2B leads, if there is someone standing in the way? This is most obvious when telemarketing is involved. When one makes a business call, the first person who usually answers would be the secretary, the assistant, or maybe the receptionist. These people are the ones who keep unwanted people out of the office. But how can you get around them? Practically speaking, how can you get past the gate keepers?

To start with, the best recourse you have is not to get past them. If we put it in simple words, they are already there, blocking the way. What you should be doing is to get on their good side. If they think that you are a credible enough business entity, and that what you have can make the business of their boss grow, then they will certainly help reach the intended decision-makers. Appointment setting specialists are pretty much aware of that fact, so they spend a good deal of time on this task. It helps that they use marketing tools like telemarketing and social media to make their interactions easier to make.

Yes, gate keepers are here to stay. While there are some marketers who think of them as walls blocking the way, there are also others who think that they are the steps needed to reach their lead generation goals.