Sunday, September 18, 2011

What are the Benefits of Generating Quality Technological Leads from Singapore?

The technological sector in Singapore is arguably the most sought-after industry in this booming Lion City. It’s also by far the huge contributor in their well-developed economy in terms of Singapore’s GDP. In relation to this, it’s not surprising that this abundant Asian city-state are inclined to attract several global investors. Obviously, these shrewd businessmen know for a fact that when they transact businesses in this tiger economy, they have a higher chance of attaining a tremendous impact when it comes to their sales volume. So in a way, more sales equate to more income, which also translates to a higher possibility of accomplishing business growth.

How to effectively tap and successfully transact business with these Singaporean IT firms? This time, a professional assistance is necessary. This can be done in the form of highly-skilled and . That’s why a telemarketing firm can be valuable. B2b Singaporean telemarketing comes in handy. Phone marketers are able to directly contact with potential clients effectively through the use of telephone. Even if the customers or prospects are miles away, then it’s no longer an issue. Plus, there’s a standard quota of 150-160 calls daily, so that’s a cost-efficient strategy to a marketing campaign.

Cold calling IT companies in Singapore is one of the most effective methods on how to generate b2b sales leads and set appointments with their company decision makers. That’s why one of the best benefits of getting the services of professional telemarketers can be attained to cut down expenses while still maximizing profit.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is Lead Generation in Singapore Impossible?

Singapore has one of the most stable economy worldwide that is why international companies want to invest there. Generating leads in Singapore is not impossible it’s just not as easy as you think, even with telemarketing. The country is new with telemarketing so lead generation campaigns face challenges that can hinder its success if not done properly.

Professional telemarketers are well known to have skills in generating leads and setting appointments may it be in the US, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, UK and Canada. Telemarketing firms train their agents to be flexible in order to serve companies of different culture.

Work with a telemarketing call center that is not afraid of taking a challenge. That way you can be assured that no matter how difficult the campaign is, they will look for a way to deliver positive results.