Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Is Google+ Important For Singapore B2B Lead Generation?

Singapore continues to be a hub for social media interaction in Asia, especially in the business sector. For both businesses located in Singapore and those who wish to enter the Singaporean market, becoming more active online is an important aspect of business. Companies who have yet to establish a social media presence in Singapore are missing out on great opportunities for finding quality b2b sales leads.

As a further tip, online lead generation marketers should learn to optimize their Google+ accounts to better attract Singaporean business leads. What is so special about Google+? Just ask the business leads. According to Experian Hitwise’s collected data, site visits from Singapore continued to rise even after Google+’s beta launch, and the city-state was found to be the highest adapter of the social media site in Asia.

The apparent reason for Google+’s popularity is Google’s overall dominance in the city-state. This is additional good news for online marketers who know how to optimize their website and web pages for Google. Here are helpful tips on how to optimize websites for Google search engines and the Singaporean market:
  • Provide quality content in the form of white papers, videos, infographics, reports and curated online posts.
  • Include social buttons on every web content, particularly Google’s +1.
  • Place a clear call-to-action on every landing page so that every visit becomes fruitful.
For higher chances of converting all the b2b sales leads who sign up on the website, companies can hire a call center who has a vast experience on appointment setting with Singaporean b2b sales leads. These appointment setters are knowledgeable about business etiquette pertaining to the Asian country and can ensure you of constant appointments.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Phone Surveys: A Necessity For Business Improvement In Singapore

As a business hub, Singapore is home to a large number of business to business companies. Consequently, the need to stand out from the crowd is a necessity, and nothing is more appealing to b2b sales leads than knowing that their service provider improves its business based on client feedback such as phone surveys.

Conducting phone surveys to research the impact of a company’s product or service for their existing clients and potential b2b sales leads is a necessary aspect of business improvement. While measuring data through web analytics can be done for both online and offline marketing campaigns, nothing beats hearing opinions from the mouth of the users themselves. This is why most (if not all) telemarketing service providers also offer phone survey services.

A phone survey offers incredible insights into the opinions of customers. Phone survey campaigns are usually done for market research: which services produce the best results; which services are underperforming; what specific demographics characterize the targeted b2b sales leads; what are the usual needs or demands that b2b sales leads require solutions for; what do business sales leads think of a certain product or service, etc.

A company who wishes to improve their services needs to conduct a phone survey at least once, particularly after a market test. This will effectively identify problem areas that need improving. Singaporean companies interested in conducting phone surveys for their products and services can outsource to telemarketing firms who offer this service. Doing so is usually better than conducting one yourself because the phone survey telemarketers are already experienced and the survey questions are well-structured, which ensures that the answers properly represent the niche market.