Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to Maximize your Online Lead Generation Budget without Burning Out in Singapore

Marketing budgets are expected to increase this year. The SMB Internet Marketing Survey shows that at least 37% of small and medium enterprises are going spend big for their online marketing campaigns, particularly lead generation, due to the increasing popularity of wearable devices, the introduction of new social media tools, and the various opportunities that app development has in store for businesses.
Enterprises in the B2B arena should also allocate more resources to their online marketing efforts as well. But this is not to say that such a plan works perfectly, especially when one faces a business landscape fraught with risks and volatile buyer behaviors.
One thing is for sure, there is no certainty that bigger budgets lead to bigger revenue. You might, for example, invest in updating your marketing automation software to generate more B2B sales leads. But these investments are made practically useless and unnecessary when only a tiny fraction of your MQLs would actually engage in a purchase.   
It all boils down to planning and tracking your progress. It is important that businesses use their resources properly to maximize their lead generation activities and produce the intended benefits.
Create compelling copies
When making online advertisements, especially with Google AdWords, it is essential that businesses create compelling copies that attract rather than repel potential buyers. Ads should be effective enough to draw attention and urge audiences to engage you further down the pipeline. Someone with proficient ad writing skills might just be an answer to give what you really want for your online ads.  
Watch your numbers
Observe your web metrics using Google Analytics, with special focus on unique visits and bounce rate. An increase in visitor traffic obviously means your investments are being put to good use. Low traffic, of course, translates to a waste of resources which should be enough reason to improve the content of your online platforms.
Track your progress
This is a tie-in to the previous item. While you are gauging the effectiveness of your landing pages, it is essential that you be constantly ready to act. If your web conversions dip, determine the aspects of your online campaign that might have something to do with it. And always remember: don’t settle with good enough numbers in your online lead generation.
There are numerous business opportunities online, yes, but meeting these wouldn’t be possible without acknowledging the risks when financing your campaign.