Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Creative B2B Telemarketing: Key To Winning In Singapore

Creative B2B Telemarketing: Key To Winning In Singapore

You would have to admit that creativity is the real key to winning more B2B leads in Singapore.
I mean, with all sorts of competitors running against you, you would want to have some way to stand out from the rest. And this would require a lot of creative thinking on your part. It is even more important if you are using B2B telemarketing as the marketing medium.
This may be very effective in generating sales leads, but this can pretty much backfire if you do not know how to handle it well. Competition can be very intense, and letting your guard down might result in you getting left behind. But really, how can you show off your creative talents?

First off, have curiosity in all things.

Feed your mind with facts.
Expand your horizons by asking the why’s, the who’s, the what’s, etc. of everything. Some answers might seem too radical, but keep them. You can never tell when these details might come in handy later on.

Second, a good marketer would have a little courage to call upon. 

B2B appointment setting can be a very challenging profession, one that can cause ordinary marketers to fold.
It takes a lot of courage to face the unknown, and you need to have lots of it if you want to stay in the lead generation game. The question here is this: are you ready for it? You had better be.

Third, do not fear to challenge assumptions.

The thing about assumptions is that they tend to change over time.
Your business strategy may have worked with you in the past, but if these may not work for you now. You have to be ready to change your assumptions when the situation demands it.

Fourth, try breaking established conventions.

Going against the flow may sometimes be the best thing to do.

Think of how Steve Jobs challenged the PC market by introducing the iPad. A lot of pundits scoffed at the idea of a touchpad, but what Apple produced revolutionized the computing market. It would be to your advantage if you can do the same for your own company, in your own industry.

Last, but certainly not the least, be ready to push.

This is especially true if you are in a market that is not exactly responsive to your telemarketers.
Either they already have what they need, your competition has established themselves there, or your offer is not that attractive enough. Still, if you could just be more aggressive enough, you might just be able to make some headway in your marketing efforts. Sometimes, asking for the sale will do the job.

B2B telemarketing is not really a daunting task in Singapore. It is all about being creative, and resourceful. Come to think of it, many of the big companies we know today started out as small outfits. What made them stay so long in the market would be their creative use of resources, as well as understanding what exactly their B2B leads prospects want.

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